Although I'm not much of a sports fan, I do oddly enough enjoy playing a lot of sports video games, especially hockey games. I've been playing them since NHL 95' arrived back on the Super NES and Sega Genesis all those many years ago. Earlier today, StuBurke8 let me know that HeroCraft's awesome Ice Rage: Hockey was available on the Amazon Appstore for free so I decided to give it a go and it's pretty awesome.

Ice Rage brings ice hockey into the 21st century, whilst paying tribute to 1984's Hat Trick. Players face off across a ice rink, in a hockey duel – one player and one keeper one each side. Play is rapid and rough, with players spending as much time eating the ice as on their feet. There are three different single player modes (Tournament, Quick Match and Deathmatch) and a single-device multiplayer.

There are also tons of unique characters to choose from such as lightning fast Antero or heavy-hitting Enviro-Bear. Team them up with crazy goalies like Santa and you're sure to get the upper hand. Superb animation and charismatic characters make this a game you won't forget in a hurry. We dare you to take on the championship or challenge your friend in the most intense single-device multiplayer you've ever experienced.

Playing Ice Rage is easy enough, there's only really two buttons to choose from. One to make your player move and one to shoot the puck. The longer you hold down the one to shoot the puck, the harder of a shot you take. Plus, you can direct it to wherever you want it to go. It's pretty precise and you can quickly dump the puck in with little effort.

Of course, you can always adjust the difficulty as well from easy, medium and hard if you're looking to really get into it. I gave it a go on my Z30, which played it great as well as my Z10. Q-Series devices, your milage may vary as it is more suited for bigger displays. Give it a go and let us know what you think. For the grand total of free, it's a great game in my opinion.

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