It looks like October 4th will be launch day for another big name on the BlackBerry PlayBook from HeroCraft. Hugely popular strategy game Hearts of Iron will be making the move from Mac/PC to not only the PlayBook, but a few other tablet platforms as well. Hearts of Iron was originally released in 2002 for Windows PCs, and since then has also been made available for Mac, with several sequels and expansion packs added to the line as well. The game is set in the years 1936-1948, and puts you in control of any nation you wish during World War II. Depending on the outcome of strategies you choose, you are awarded points which will determine the outcome of the game.

We don't have a lot of details on this release yet, but you can watch the promo trailer above for a tease. I wouldn't be surprised if we see this announced officially at BlackBerry Jam at the end of September.

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