If you'll recall, BlackBerry CEO John Chen showed off a new video during BlackBerry's annual general meeting of shareholders. At the time, those tuned in live via the webcast were not able to view it, but BlackBerry has now posted it to YouTube for everyone to check out.

In the most critical situations, the world trusts BlackBerry. BlackBerry has a proud history of connecting people through secure mobile communications at work and at play. But the true measure of our technology—and the thing we're most passionate about—is the reassuring response it provides under extraordinary circumstances. One of our UX designers made this video to honor and illustrate that legacy. It was just shown at a company meeting and employees loved it so much that they asked if we could share it with everyone. After all, when we say 'together', we include BlackBerry customers, employees, and everyone who has been with us on this decades-long journey to connect and protect the world. We're honored to continue that journey with you.

At the time, john Chen was trying to explain the video to those in attendance but kept getting cut off. The note on the video, explains it a little bit of it but the point Chen was trying to get across was to highlight BlackBerry's history and the tremendous amount of work they've done for the communication field, the key roles they have played in recent years in times of crisis and that BlackBerry is no longer about just handsets as the world has moved on from that. We're moving into a connected world and BlackBerry is there. Thoughts on the video? Drop them in the comments section.