With Snap2Chat now fully realized and up and running, the developer behind it all needed a new project to work on. Rather than picking something out himself, NemOry, headed to the CrackBerry Forums to ask fellow app users what the next big name app they'd like to see on BlackBerry 10 was. There was a ton of suggestions but ultimately, NemOry settled on Facebook Messenger and we've now gotten a downloadable, preview of what he has been working on.

As it stands, the app is only a 'preview' or beta if you will. It's not fully functioning as of yet but like all of NemOry's releases thus far, if you like the preview and want to follow along with the development process and help with beta testing, you're certainly encouraged to do so. You can download the sideloadable preview from the CrackBerry Forums right now and here's a look at features that are on the roadmap for future releases.

  • Attach any type of files (via DropBox, requires authentication)
  • Send Stickers
  • Send Voice Chats
  • Send a Snap (Snap2Chat like Camera & Editor)
  • Send a Glympse of your Location
  • View Profiles
  • Filter Friends by Offline and Online Status
  • Create Conversations
  • Stickers Shop
  • Chatrooms
  • Block Friends
  • Hide Conversations / Messages (Deleting = Impossible)
  • Friend Typing Notification
  • Multi Accounts
  • Sound & LED Notification Customization
  • More Theme Colors
  • Font Options (Face, Size, Weight, Style)
  • Chat Heads
  • BBM Integration

Overall, the app is as expected, much nicer than what Facebook offers in their Facebook for BlackBerry 10 app. For those who prefer a standalone messenger app for Facebook, when this one is fully complete it will be a great addition. Hopefully, this one actually makes it to BlackBerry World where it can be downloaded by all, unlike Snap2Chat which has thus far remained available as a sideload only mostly due to the terms of service SnapChat has, and as such has been put on hold.