While we're already starting to see cases from several vendors including Incipio for the BlackBerry Motion, BlackBerry Mobile has their own official BlackBerry Motion accessories on their way as well. Accessories lined up and coming soon are the Privacy FlipCase, a Hard Shell and finally, a Privacy Screen Protector.

Privacy FlipCase

The Privacy FlipCase, as the name suggests, keeps your privacy in mind by offering limited viewing angles while allowing for access to the full functionality of your BlackBerry Motion even if the cover is closed. In addition to keeping your Motion protected, the Privacy FlipCase also features a with built-in card slot on the back for easy convenience.

  • Keep privacy protected with limited 60° horizontal viewing angle.
  • Full-screen display with full touch functionality enables you to operate with the cover closed.
  • Full coverage design for improved protection.
  • Free your wallet with built-in card slot on the back.
  • Exquisite detail delivers superior quality and tactile sensation.

Hard Shell

The classic Hard Shell is perfect for those who are looking for something that offers protection for their Motion but don't really like a lot of bulk added to their devices. These are always my personal go-to's out of the gate for any new device.

  • 2H hardness protection effectively resists daily scratch
  • Snugly cut, customized texture and finish preserves phone's original beauty
  • 50% semi-transparent dark grey case reveals the subtle beauty of BlackBerry design, classic and stylish.

Privacy Screen Protector

In addition to the privacy features such as the Privacy Shade app pre-loaded on the BlackBerry Motion, folks looking to add an additional layer of privacy can opt to pick up a Privacy Screen Protector which offers not only increased privacy but also anti-scratch protection for that beautiful display.

  • Limited 60° horizontal viewing angle provides data security
  • Semi-transparent screen protector combines style and anti-scratch protection

All of the items listed here are noted to be coming soon and probably still subject to change, so we'll update the post with links to places to purchase them when they go live - online or in-store. For now, though, let us know in the comments what you think about the official lineup of BlackBerry Motion accessories.