If for whatever reason you're looking to tear apart your brand new BlackBerry Passport, there's now a new video that will help you along. The folks over at BlackBerryVietNamForum have tore down a BlackBerry Passport to get a closer at look how it was all put together. It's certainly not as meticulous as an iFixIt teardown but it should serve the intended purpose if you are really needing to get a closer look at the insides.

A few interesting notes. The Passport seems really easy to take apart, the battery takes up most of the device and as some have noticed already, it's noted to be 3400mAh battery vs. the advertised 3450mAh. That said though, we're not exactly sure where in the production line this particular device came from so it's hard to say whether or not it's a production version or a pre-production version. The pre-production versions were noted to have a 3400mAh battery.