Have Instagram sideloaded on your BlackBerry 10 device? If so, chances are you've noticed there is a bit of a keyboard bug with the app though that clearly hasn't stopped folks from using it. If you've held off loading it though because you can't appropriately comment, there's actually a fairly easy fix for it.

It does require some prior knowledge of sideloading apps but if you managed to get Instagram loaded already then that shouldn't much of an issue. Check out the video above for a quick run through of it or jump below to read through the written out guide of it all.

You'll need two files to get things going here. One being the Google Keyboard from the Google Play Store and the other being an Android launcher that allows access to the Android settings. I prefer to suggest Apex Launcher because I know it already works. Once you have those two files, convert them for sideloading onto your BlackBerry 10 device and install them.

  • Once installed, open up Apex Launcher and access the Google Settings.
  • Go to the language and input options and disable the BlackBerry keyboard.
  • Once the BlackBerry keyboard has been disabled, enable the Google keyboard and set preferences.
  • Exit out of all the apps and return back to Instagram, you should now find it's using the Google keyboard and typing will work as expected.

From here on out, when you access Instagram on your BlackBerry 10 device it will now use the Google keyboard instead of the BlackBerry one and you'll no longer have those key mapping issues. One side effect though is that most other Android apps will also adopt the Google keyboard. 

If you're not cool with that, then maybe this isn't the best solution for you but if you're not really using any Android apps aside from Instagram then the choice is pretty simple one to make. Additionally, once done you may want to uninstall Apex Launcher as it can interfere with how apps load but that's optional.