Ever since the BlackBerry Blend rumors began, many folks have been wondering how exactly it all would connect to their device in order to make it work. Would it be through Bluetooth, HDMI, wirelessly? Internally, the BlackBerry 10.3 gold candidate is said to be mere days away and along with it, comes the full release of BlackBerry Blend and now we've managed to get our hands on a bit more screenshots of the actual set up process for Blend.

As noted in the images, you can connect to Blend through either USB, Wi-Fi or even through your carrier's network. You need to download the companion app on your computer or tablet (Remember, it could be launched on iOS and Android as well) and from there, you can access all your work and personal messages, notifications and documents, calendar, contacts and media as shown in the video demo below. Keep in mind, the video was early days and the overall look is expected to of have changed a bit from what is shown there.

Needless to say, there's still the official unveiling of BlackBerry Blend that has to happen yet. As I'm sure most are tired of hearing me say now, BlackBerry has yet to even confirm the existence of BlackBerry Blend in any official capacity but from all the info and feedback I've gathered thus far from folks who have already got their hands on it, it's pretty freaking fantastic, especially the 'tablet' and 'cellular' features but more on that another day.