Mobile equipment status failed

Here's another one of those real world stories turned CrackBerry blog post... last night Miss CrackBerry was on her BlackBerry Bold 9900 texting with her sister, when for some unknown reason out of no where she receives an error message saying Mobile equipment status failed. She showed it to me and asked me what it meant, to which I replied that I had no clue. Since my time on BlackBerry, that's not a message I've actually ever personally experienced. It seemed the text message that failed still ultimately went through as her sister replied to it, but it was still an odd thing to see.

Googling around earlier today I stumbled onto quite a few forum threads related to this topic (many in our own CrackBerry forums), but the view on the message and what it means seemed a bit muddled. While the phrase Mobile equipment status failed sounds like there's something wrong with your phone's hardware, it actually seems this message is related to the carrier having trouble with its network. Sure enough, it turns out the Rogers network did have some issues yesterday which were likely the cause of this error message being displayed.

Questions of the Week:  1) Have you ever experienced this message before?  2) If so, did you ever discover a really good explanation of exactly what it means? and finally, 3) If it is related to the carrier's network and not the phone's hardware which seems to be case, why would RIM put such a weird sounding/stupid error message onto the OS that makes it sound like your phone is broken?? Be sure to sound off in the comments with your answers!

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