Although we've seen some apps running on the BlackBerry Passport previously, we also know the device recently received an OTA update to improve a few things as well and that apparently included how the Android runtime works on some Android apps and improvements to some of the core BlackBerry 10 apps.

As we mentioned before, @seb997 has his hands on a BlackBerry Passport and after giving it a quick review, he's now found some time to show off some of his favorite Android and BlackBerry 10 apps running on the device along with giving a run down of how each particular one works.

Google Maps, app loads really quickly and it is very responsive, I didn't find any issues using it, seems much better than native BB maps.

Flipboard, apps itself works fine but its bit odd due to 1:1 display ratio.

Twitter (native) had some issues before software update, it would not link to the hub, no option to retweet, or mark as favorite, all issues were resolved now.

VSCOcam, this is quite new app for me, discovered only few weeks ago on iPhone. It works ok on Blackberry, its a bit slow once you start processing, but nothing which would affect usability.

Instagram doesn't work for me, each time I try to launch it, device goes crazy and needs rebooting. Instead I have load Padgram and Igrann. two apps are working well, but personally I do prefer iGrann, and hope to be able to load Instagram once OS has been finalized before launch.

Google Translate is runs great, very useful app in my opinion.

Clash Of Clans, to be honest I have just downloaded it. All seems fine, no delay or stretched logos on start up, very responsive. All in all no visible issue.

Appy Geek is one of my favorites apps, all news in one place, works a treat on Passport, and no issue with reading or browsing articles. Worth downloading.

That's just some of the apps @seb997 has tested thus far though you can find more over on his blog if you wish to take a further look. Clearly some apps will need to be updated or adjusted to run on device such as BlackBerry 10 apps whereas others, such as Android apps may never really work right but that's true even now really, as not all apps are supported by all devices. In other but related news, damn those screenshots are huge.