BlackBerry L-Series

At this point, I'm sure everyone knows what the BlackBerry L-Series devices look like. They've leaked so many times now that RIM could change the name to the BlackBerry Sieve and no one would question it. Kidding of course but that fact has sparked many a conversations about the device itself.

With BlackBerry 10 going out to more than 50 carriers now for testing, we'll soon be able to put to end the debates over whether or not this is the final hardware that will end up in customers hands or if RIM has just been playing a shell game with everyone.

Also N-Series devices, they'll be getting into more hands and that likely means we'll start to see it pop up again and I know many are waiting get a closer look at those. In the meantime, I'm gonna go cry and cross another day off my calendar because this is just another image of something I can't yet have in my hands. Thanks, ad19!

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