A short while back we ran a poll asking if BlackBerry users would like to see HERE Drive+ come to BlackBerry 10. The voice guided navigation software which is available for Windows Phones does a great job in comparison to BlackBerry Maps. They both get the job done but HERE Now+ offers more and from experience it's a little more precise when finding a location by road and house number. 

If you missed our original post, the reason for me asking the question was due to Nokia confirming that BBM would be coming to Windows Phones as well as their X platform. This made me think about what other application Nokia and BlackBerry may be willing to share in the future. 

From the below results you'll see that it's quite clear that BlackBerry 10 users would be more than happy to have HERE Now+ on BlackBerry 10 and I'm one of them. Don't get me wrong - I like BlackBerry Maps but if we can have access to something superior then why not. 


If you didn't vote when we ran the poll feel free to air your thoughts in the comments. I certainly can't think of a reason why I wouldn't use it if it was to be made available to us.