Thank you to everyone who participated in the competition to win a BBM Enterprise license for life.

I have sincerely enjoyed reading the entries and seeing the support and understanding #TeamCrackBerry has for BlackBerry's new strategy.

EoT‎ is a relatively new term for most people, and I am as encouraged by how you have gotten behind it as I am by how BlackBerry is leading the way in the market category.

The backbone of EoT is Security, which is why BBM Enterprise is ‎an important component of the BlackBerry Secure solution and why we have made it platform agnostic.

I am pleased to giveaway 10 BBM Enterprise licenses for life and to announce the winners on CrackBerry today. Congratulations to the following #TeamCrackBerry members and thank you for your continued loyalty. I hope you enjoy the comforting feeling and productivity that comes with knowing your communications are secured by BlackBerry.


  • 3_M4N
  • beavertail2
  • CivilDissident
  • mousii
  • Sanka Chandima
  • seascape
  • ssayyaparaju
  • TheQ805
  • WArcher
  • Xeak

Best wishes,

John Chen

Executive Chairman & CEO, BlackBerry