With over 900 entries in our 'win a free case from ShopCrackBerry' contest, the time to announce some winners has arrived. For this one, we decided to go ahead and pick three folks to win a case of their choice from ShopCrackBerry, where we have lots of cases to choose from. We have you covered with waterproof cases, hybrid cases as well as the timeless, classy originals such as the leather pouches to hold your phone. Who won their choice? Read on to find out.

  • 2stroke17
  • ConstantinoMorelli
  • Renegade 44

Congrats to those who won. Watch your email as we'll be following up soon to get your cases sent out to you, so start looking for what it is you want. Everyone else, be on the lookout for the next big contest here at CrackBerry! I think I have a Leap and Classic around here to give away soon. ;)