Being able to access personal and medical information in an emergency is a priority. As such, many of us store this information on our devices. We utilize apps for tracking medications, storing ICE, physician contact, and health insurance provider information in our address book, and saving details regarding existing medical conditions. Emergencies can happen anytime, whether you are at work, on the street, or even in the comfort of your own home. HelpME! is a native BlackBerry 10 app which provides this health information to emergency personnel.

BlackBerry 10 is flexible by offering a variety of methods for storing setting ICE numbers. For example, you could add this information to the lock screen, add contacts with ICE preceding the individual's name, or even setup a background image with your details. What HelpME! does is store all of this data, as well as pertinent medical information, in one application for first responders to access. It is also easily identifiable on the homescreen.

HelpME! stores this medical information in several categories: Personal, Contacts, Medical References, Medical Information, and Other information. Personal data includes information on blood type, address, health insurance information, and photo identification. Contact data allows you to store up to three names of relatives or friends and how they can be reached in case of emergency. Medical reference is where you can input the names and contact information of your physician and hospital. However, you are limited to only one doctor and one hospital. For quick reference, a summary of this information is shown under the ICE tab. Medical Information documents allergies and their severity as well as existing conditions. The final tab is other information where you can describe all other relevant data and medical issues.

Another important aspect of this app is the SOS capabilities. With a quick tap you can send a predefined text, email, or PIN to your contacts, make a call to your ICE designated contacts, or even sound an emergency alarm.

All of the above is predicated on the fact you or emergency personnel have access to your device. If you were incapacitated and/or password protected your BlackBerry, this information would not be available. Security is important topic and so is protecting the data on our devices. My mother suffered from various medical conditions and chose to keep a card in her wallet with her password and an emergency number. While this was her decision, it is not an answer to this one particular fault of the app.

Even with this flaw, HelpME! is a useful database for storing important medical information. You can download it for free in BlackBerry World.

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