Help Me! Screen on the BlackBerry Torch Smartphones

I've written about the BlackBerry Help Me! Screen before. This useful screen gives you a lot of rather important information about your BlackBerry. OS version, the phone's IMEI / MEDI number, the PIN, and a lot more can be easily found here. On a BlackBerry Smartphone with a keyboard, pressing Caps + Alt + H will open the Help Me! Screen immediately. But how do you do this on a phone without a keyboard?

It's still pretty easy to do. You'll just need to hold the back key (the one that looks like a sideways U) while you touch certain parts of the screen. While holding the back key, touch in the upper-left corner, then the upper-right, then the upper-left again, and finally the upper-right one last time. So if you were on the home screen (though you don't have to be), you'd hold the back key and tap near the battery icon, then near the signal bars, then the battery icon again, and finally the signal bars. The Help Me! screen should show up sharpish. You can let go of the back key now.

This works on many models of BlackBerry Smartphone - the Torch 9800981098509860, and the BlackBerry Storm phones. As a bonus, you can also use this trick on the new OS7 Smartphones with touchscreens. Since I'm a big fan of touch-only BlackBerry Smartphones - and Kevin hasn't shipped me any Bold 9900's recently - I haven't tested this personally. But Michelle gave me a shout that this indeed works on her 9900!

Now you, too, have the power to check your Help Me! screen. And seriously, now that you know how to access it, you'll probably find yourself using it quite often.

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