Hitting App Word this week is 'Help Me' which in my opinion is possibly one of the coolest apps I have found for BlackBerry in a long time. It may not be one for us chaps but for the ladies this thing rocks.

Although I have been using the free version of the app there is also a paid one costing $2.99. I have no idea what the difference is though - as far as I can see the descriptions are identical.

Let's look at this from a ladies perspective: You are walking down the street and suspect you are being followed or a bad man is going to 'get you'. Open Help Me and press the start button and the following will happen: The BlackBerry will sound a loud police siren noise which should hopefully scare the bad guy away. But that's just the start. The application will automatically send a SMS to a chosen contact with a designated message of your choice. So for example it could say something along the lines of 'emergency' or 'help' or even just 'call me'.

In addition your GPS coordinates will also appear on the text message if Police action is required. So for peace of mind this app is absolutely fantastic and I would highly recommend getting this on your phones ladies. You never know when it may just save your life!

I have found one tiny bug with the app, however it will not affect its usefulness. When I do a battery pull and the BlackBerry reboots the siren goes off which it a little annoying, but I will mention this to the dev and I am sure this will be rectified with an update. Either way, he/she deserves a pat on the back. Awesome app! 

Full Features of the app include:

  • Turn your BlackBerry into an emergency siren device.
  • Produce the loudest emergency siren sound to grab other people's attention.
  • Location tracking is available to allow your contact person to know where you are. 
  • Auto-SMS function to send your help message together with current location to your contact person. 
  • Give you extra personal protection, and it may save your life.
  • User friendly and easy to use.
  • No additional hardware is required. 

More information/Download Help Me (free) for BlackBerry smartphones

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