Help I Crashed My Car - A Safety Application For Those In Car Accidents

Summit Software Solutions has a great application that I checked out free from BlackBerry App World last night. Help I Crashed My Car is aimed to consumers as a safety application for drivers who potentially could be in an accident. Getting in an accident is never a good thing for those involved, that just goes without saying. The best you can really hope for at those times is that no one is seriously injured and all are safe.

Help I Crashed My Car serves as a tool to assist those involved in an accident by providing all important critical information in your hands. With a little set up you can store emergency contact information, insurance company, policy and agent information and pertinent vehicle information. You can also enter, store and send a basic accident report which allows you to take, attach and send accident photos and access information about what to do in case of an accident. With the push of a button, you can advise those important to you of the accident via SMS, email or even a phone call. Other features of the application include things such as locating a body shop and using GPS services to find the nearest car rental locations. It's quite a powerful, useful offering if you ask me. One of those insurance apps - hopefully you will never have to use but it's good to know you have it, should you ever need it.

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