Help design the next CrackBerry t-shirt!

Not long ago, we launched a campaign on Teespring offering up some unique BlackBerry Priv shirts. It was so much fun and an awesome success! We loved being able to offer our readers a fun way to show they're part of the BlackBerry fan community, so we decided to keep going. The next step? We're launching an exciting new contest here at CrackBerry for all of you creative folks out there!

The mission

Help us design a new BlackBerry themed t-shirt for Crackberry.

The process

Come up with an awesome idea for a t-shirt and share it with us via the widget below. Those of you with a graphics background, we'd encourage you to create a ready-to-print design. If your art skills allow for nothing more than stick figure art, that's fine too! You can still come up with a winning idea and we'll use our design team to make your idea a reality. Have more than one idea? Awesome, that's even more chances to win.

The prize

All entries must be submitted by midnight April 30th. On May 1st our panel of judges will go through all the entries and choose their favorites then vote for the winner. The winner will receive a special package from CrackBerry that includes a mug, CrackBerry t-shirt and a gift card for ShopCrackberry. In addition, they'll receive a free t-shirt featuring their design!

Once you share via the widget, we'd encourage you to jump into this thread and share your idea submission with the community.

We cannot wait to see your contest entries! Together, let's make an awesome t-shirt!

Help design the next CrackBerry t-shirt!

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