BlackBerry Bold 9700 FTW! Vote Now!!



* Update: It's coming down to the wire and it looks like Palm owners can be just as crazy as BlackBerry owners. The 9700 needs all the help it can get on this one. Vote now! *

It's no secret that among the CrackBerry Podcast team our favorite device is the Bold 9700, so it saddens us to see it get beat by any other smartphone - especially the Palm Pre Plus. So we're rallying the troops and asking you to cast your vote in's March Smart Phone Madness. We can't stand to see the 9700 lose, and if the Tour can beat out the iPhone, there is no way we'll let our hero go down without a fight. Cast your vote above or hit the link below to jump over to Laptopmag to read the reviews and vote, and be sure to show the power of the CrackBerry Nation!