I came across a cute little game over the weekend and it may appeal to some readers, so I thought I'd share it with you -- Bouncy Bear. It follows the premise of other popular games where you have to perform certain actions for the lead character to do in order to collect items at each stage. In this case you have to help Bear collect the candy at each stage but more important the cupcake. The candy is optional, if you collect all three during each stage then of course the higher the score, but you won't move on without getting the cupcake to give Bear his sugar fix.

There is a tutorial that walks you through the controls in the few stages. Then you're on your own. It's called Bouncy Bear for a reason as Bear can bounce off objects and walls in order to collect the candy and cupcake. In some stages there are cannons that can be used to propel Bear, beware though, some cannons can only be used once, so use them wisely.

It's a pretty fun game. Great as a time killer and if you like cutesy games then give Bouncy Bear a try. It's available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and costs $1.99.

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