Hedone Designs Shows Us All That Simple Black And White Can Be Awesome! Black and white - two pretty plain colors right? Well Hedone Designs is out to change that with his new theme. Simple Black and White is a optional set of two themes which are elegantly designed to be simple yet stunning at the same time. 6 icons across the bottom main screen are indeed customizable to your needs, and Hedone has made a lot of customizations to the signal and battery meters as well. These themes really do look great on device, and pictures in this case really do not do theme any justice. Hedone has done up a video for us, so that you may get a better look at what exactly is going on in these themes so be sure to check it out. Simple Black and White are available as separate downloads for Bold, Tour and 8900 as well as 8300 and Storm devices for $3.99 until October 6th.

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