Hedone Designs

Hedone Design is still partying hard as they celebrate their 1st birthday all the while cranking out new themes for us all as well. The latest piece of work to come from Hedone is Desire. Hedone was going for a good design on Desire all while keeping the theme highly functional. Desire is a perfect blance and I'd say Hedone met the goal he started out with on this one.

Desire has a artistic, grungy feel to it and is jam packed with all of the functions would expect from a theme, but has them placed in a unique way. 6 customizable icons on the main screen, hidden clock, profiles, connections and options buttons help maintain basic functions. The wings in the artwork serve as signal and battery meters and the overall feel of this theme is artisic elegance. As part of Hedone Designs birtrhday celebration you can grab Desire for only $3.99 and it is currently available for 8900,9000,9500 and 9630 series devices.

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