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Heavy Duty Trucking recognizes BlackBerry Radar as top innovator

James Nieves

Heavy Duty Trucking has compiled a top 20 list of key products in 2017 and BlackBerry Radar Asset Tracking made the short-list. HDT's editors get to see so many new products in the trucking industry and selected products based off their level of innovation, ability to address significant industry issues and potential to benefits to a truck fleet's bottom line.

Among the top 20 innovators in this list BlackBerry Radar Tracking System was given recognition. Here's what was said in a short summary on

BlackBerry Radar allows users to track highly mobile assets using a self-powered tracking device, a cloud-based platform and visual reports that show the location and status of each asset. Users can optimize trailer and shipping container utilization, improve on-time delivery and reduce theft without having to invest in an IT infrastructure.The BlackBerry Radar takes a little time to install and is designed to generate rich, frequently updated information for operations managers, load planners and dispatchers.

It's cool to see BlackBerry Radar getting attention in the industry as an innovative product. Winning awards and getting recognition helps BlackBerry up-sell the service to others and helps add to the visibility and confidence users have in the product offering. This is BlackBerry QNX's first substantial IoT initiative and it's great to see the team getting traction. We previously heard about a sales deal with Modagrafics and even a new partner Titanium that will be equipping their entire fleet with BlackBerry Radar, as these deals expand and Radar proliferates we look forward to sharing more happenings with you here.