Headless support and other goodies arrive on BeBuzz 10 Pro

The moment plenty of people have been waiting for has arrived -- BeBuzz 10 has finally gone headless. One of the more popular LED notifications, BeBuzz 10 was an app many had been wanting to go headless. BeBuzz was my favourite LED notifications app on legacy devices so perhaps I'll check it out again. I did try out BeBuzz 10 upon its initial release on BlackBerry 10 but like many other apps that had to remain open, you tend to forget to open them and then eventually never get round to using them.

Apart from going headless, there are other new additions too. Here's the full changelog.

  • Added headless support (no need to keep running BeBuzz all the time)
  • Added support for calendar events/reminders
  • Added 30 more LED color combinations
  • Now detects your device's notifications profile (normal, silent, all alerts off etc) and mutes LED, sound, vibrates accordingly
  • Removed popups (due to incompatibility with headless support; please revert to BB10 native toast notifications)
  • Removed silent mode switch (replaced by native profile detection support)

Now that BeBuzz 10 Pro has gone headless, will you start using it again? Did you ever stop using it? Have you moved on to use another LED notification app? Sound off in the comments.

BeBuzz 10 Pro is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and costs $2.99. It's free to update.

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