Trip Planner 2015 Games

On Friday, the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games kicked off and will run all the way up until July 26th, after which the Parapan Am Games will kick off on August 7–15. As one might expect, traffic conditions, rules and parking in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area have been affected and if you're planning on heading out to the games or near the venues, this could be problematic. Luckily though, a new app called 2015 Games Trip Planner is now available for BlackBerry 10 and aims to help folks get around the city easier during the games.

Give the app your starting point and destination, and it will do the trip planning for you. If driving is not practical, the app can also provide a transit alternative. Users will also get important venue information, multiple route options and highway travel times based on traffic conditions. With the 2015 Games Trip Planner, you're always aware of any traffic congestion well in advance with hands-free visual and audio feedback advising you of traffic conditions on your route.


  • Sends auto-reminders to start up the app using location and background services
  • Push notifications with live updates during the Games
  • Pan Am/Parapan Am Games venue-specific travel information
  • Specialized routes to guide users to Games venues
  • Plan your trip to the Games with one of three different methods of transportation
  • Available in English, French, and Spanish - Hands-free audio traffic reporting
  • Monitors traffic when you input a route and as you drive (5 miles ahead on local streets, 20 miles ahead on highways)
  • Save your most-used routes and receive daily traffic push notifications before you leave for a destination
  • Push notifications of major traffic incidents that affect the entire metro area
  • Help other commuters! Report traffic tips to the traffic center and we'll use your report to update others

The Trip Planner 2015 Games app is available on BlackBerry World right now for most BlackBerry 10 smartphones and thus far, has some pretty great reviews behind it so if you're planning on heading to the games or are just looking to avoid some traffic snarls in the area, be sure to get it downloaded today.

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