BlackBerry App World

App World 3.1 has hit the BlackBerry Beta Zone, but a number of users in the comments to our article and to the Beta Zone forums have reported some difficulty with the new application. Specifically, users are reporting that they get a message saying their BlackBerry Identity needs to be updated. Even after updating, resets, and battery pulls, the same error message appears. The problem seems to only affect phones from previous generations; i.e., OS6 and older.

RIM is aware of the problem and is said to be working on the solution now. A new version of App World 3.1 should be available in the Beta Zone within the next few hours, proving once again the awesomeness of the BlackBerry Beta Zone. If you can't wait that long, we may have a workaround for your. Deleting your BlackBerry Identity should get App World 3.1 (beta) working again. Don't worry, App World will prompt you to reinstall Identity later.

To delete BlackBerry Identity, open Options, select Device, and then Applications Management. From there, find and highlight "BlackBerry Identity" Open the menu and select "Delete." Confirm the delete and restart your BlackBerry. When you next open App World, you should be prompted to reinstall the necessary application.

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