Well a weird bug has popped up and it seems to be affecting more than just a few users. It seemingly came out of nowhere yesterday, but many are reporting various instances of non-functioning sensors on their BlackBerry 10 devices, all running OS 10.2. In most cases the sensors of the device aren't working properly including the light sensor, proximity sensor and even screen rotation.

Users have even tried the BlackBerry Virtual Expert after the sensors failed and have been notified that the sensors are not supported on the device. What!?

It seems extremely odd that the bug popped up on the same day for so many users but rest assured we're looking into it. There are a bunch of threads spread all over the forums, but if you're having any issues or possibly have a solution, drop a comment here so we can see just how many are affected. We've reached out to BlackBerry on the issue and we'll report back if we find anything out. Hang in there!

Update: If you're having issues, post your log file in this thread so we can try to find a solution.

Update 2: As per Michael Clewley's Twitter account 'Hey all, the issue is now fixed. For anyone having the issue just restart your phone. Update the post my friends'

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