I tried...

As you can likely guess from the title of this article, yesterday I downgraded from BlackBerry 10 to BlackBerry 7. If you follow me on Instagram or BBM Channels (C00010BC5), you already know the reason.

Whenever the weather gets warm, I always get the itch to rock a white phone, and looking through my collection of phones yesterday the white BlackBerry Bold 9900 caught my eye. I still think it's one of the hottest looking phones of all time. So spur of the moment, I decided I was going to leave BB10 for BB7 for a week just to use my sexy old 9900.

Long story short, I didn't last 24 hours going back to the Bold 9900, let alone one week. I mean, I could adapt again to BB7 — the functionality is mainly all there, and in some areas can prove better than BB10 if you're a power user (lots of customization/personalization settings, and the trackpad makes it very one hand friendly), but I just wouldn't want to. Overall, the experience of BlackBerry 10 is just so much more powerful, modern feeling and fun. Plus the apps and gaming experience of BB10 is lightyears ahead of BB7, as is the web browser. BB7 is a great communication device and productivity tool. BB10 is that, and way more.

I haven't used a BB7 phone in a while — once I got my BlackBerry Z10 review unit I never looked back, so it's kind of crazy now to look at the BBOS way of doing things. For example, when I first powered up my 9900, I didn't yet put my SIM card in the phone and was just running it off WiFi. With no SIM card, there was no OS option on the device to update the software (which I forgot was the case, so I wasted 10 minutes scanning menus for the missing software update option thinking I was crazy). I ended up updating the Bold 9900 the old school way (as pictured in the Instagram photo above), via BlackBerry Desktop Software on my Mac. It brought back fond and scary memories of all the BlackBerrys before it I had managed to brick and had to restore.

With the Bold 9900 OS updated to the latest official version, I began putting the Bold 9900 to use - but once my old nemesis "the hourglass" popped up a few times, I was done. Thankfully, I also have a sexy white BlackBerry Q10 in my collection, and it's an equally hot looking phone.

Question of the Week

Now, what I want to know is... have any of you BlackBerry 10 owners out there attempted this? Have you tried switching back to your older BlackBerry 7 phone after having used BlackBerry 10 for a long time? If so, how did it go for you? Were your experiences similar to mine, or ????? Be sure to sound off in the comments!