Lost BlackBerry  

The other night I "misplaced" my BlackBerry Bold 9900 and needless to say had a bit of a mental breakdown. I searched high and low for nearly an hour before it turned up, but the panic that I endured in that short hour was painful. My wife had a similar incident a few weeks back, however the device remained MIA for a full day before it turned up. I had already wiped it with BlackBerry Protect and given her a replacement from my stash so I wasn't too worried about finding the device again -- but luckily it did turn up.

As BlackBerry addicts we're pretty attached to our devices. Most times I have mine in my hand or in my pocket, but it's rarely ever out of eye sight. I assume mostly all of the CrackBerry Nation is the same, but I'm curious to know just how many of you have had a lost or stolen device and if you ever found it again. Let us know in the poll above if you've ever lost or had your device stolen (pick the option that best fits your situation) then leave a comment below with your story.

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