If you're starting to fall into the groove with BBM Channels, you may now be searching for even more channels to subscribe to. While there is a section within BBM that lists featured channels, there is no other way to discover new ones that may interest you. Of course you're all following our official CrackBerry channel, Kevin, Bla1ze and myself already (if not you should be) so what next?

BBM Channels is obviously still in a very early beta, but down the road BlackBerry is certain to bring in easier discover ability among other things, so eventually finding new channels you like won't be an issue. 

For now however we thankfully have a thriving BBM Channels forum that is blowing up with channels on all kinds of topics from Jeep's to beer to Doctor Who. More and more are added everyday so you can rest assured you'll never run out of hot channels.

We've done some of the hard work and rounded up our top channels so far to make it even easier for you, here they are:

CrackBerry Channels

  • Official CrackBerry Channel: C00012B19
  • Kevin: C00010BC5
  • Adam: C000184EE
  • Bla1ze: C00015DD7
  • Michelle: C0001B3B5
  • DJ: C00024E24
  • Simon: C000E48A7
  • Alicia: C000FE2DE
  • NaviWilliams: C000B75E8

BlackBerry Channels

  • Official BlackBerry Channel: C0001F622
  • Alec Saunders: C00098DA9
  • Alex Kinsella: C000AB2B2
  • Michael Clewley: C00014277
  • Vivek Bhardwaj: C000BFEAB

Other Channels

  • Kisai Labs: C0008DDD2
  • Cocktail Recipes: C00012B3A
  • Craft Beer Channel: C000288DD
  • Mercedes AMG Petronas: C00011785
  • NYScanner: C0003119A

There is also a great resource in channelpin.com that has a continually growing list of channels as well and even breaks them down by category so you can find just what you're after.

So add up the channels above and if you're still thirsting for more, be sure to jump into the BBM Channels forum below and seek out some awesome channels. Drop a comment here with your channel PIN as well.

If you read this post and have no clue what we're talking about, find out about BBM Channels here.

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