Do you love the world of tech, science, art and design? Then you should check out the DVICE app. It brings you the latest news and opinion pieces on innovations within the areas. It is a simple app the collates all the latest coverage in the world of tech, science, art and design. You can also check out videos, demos, photos, too.

Love a story? Then just add it to your favorites list and you can view it again for offline viewing. Find an interesting article? You can share it to your favorite social networks or contacts.

When viewing articles, there are no distractions as you have it displayed in a clean view, much like Reader Mode via the BlackBerry 10 browser. As previously mentioned, there are videos included with some articles however these videos are only available for those in the U.S. Within the DVICE app, you can also view any comments made on stories, as well as comment on them yourself, making it great for discussion. There is even a section dedicated to photos alone, where you can just feast your eyes on some nice photos of upcoming tech and gadgets.

You can check out the video above for a quick demo of DVICE in action. If you haven't checked it out already, download DVICE using the link below. It is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices.

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