BlackBerry Evangelist

Earlier this week we posted an interview with RIM's new VP of Developer Relations and App Ecosystems, Alec Saunders. If you missed that post, definitely check it out.

Following that up, it turns out Alec made a post on his own blog talking about New Beginnings @BlackBerryDev and highlights his biggest task at hand, which is to win the hearts and minds of developers again. Alec finishes the post with a nice P.S. that I'm sure will get the attention of some of our CrackBerry members and developers:

P.S. We're hiring developer evangelists - technical articulate people with a passion for mobile platforms. Interested? Contact me at alec dot saunders at rim dot com. 

I think a lot of mobile developers have taken a look at BlackBerry development tools in the past, but haven't necessarily liked what they saw and never actually jumped on board to build an app. With a new development platform emerging for the QNX-based OS, sending out BlackBerry evangelists through the land to spread the BlackBerry word makes good sense. The more BlackBerry evangelists out there the better. If you think you have what it takes, be sure to send Alec an email.