I first came across Sheep Up! in the forums and decided to take a look after all the recommendations. It's definitely a game you need to get. It's very addictive and a lot of fun, once you play you may lost track of time. Sheep Up! makes use your BlackBerry device's accelerometer, you control the sheep by tilting your device, making it an even better experience.

The aim of the game is to simply collect all the coins and make your way to the exit to move on. Levels are cardboard boxes, and within each box there are five floors (at least, that's the case for the first theme), you have to complete all five floors before you level up. I haven't managed to unlock other boxes yet at the time of writing. As I stated earlier, to control your sheep, you tilt your BlackBerry device. With any level up type game, things progressively get harder, more obstacles arise and all the rest. So far, I have come across gaps in the floor, you then have to grab the umbrella in order to collect the coins that are in that open space. In other levels you'll find you need to collect a key so unlock the exit. 

On some floors you find the large coin underneath some ice and you just need to jump on the ice constantly to collect it. Beware not to fall through. Higher up in the levels you'll also find some creatures that you need to overcome too. If you happen to fall into the gaps the game is over, you can continue from where you left off by using 80 coins or just quit and start the level over.

As you progress, you'll unlock sheep suits too. You can buy these suits with your coins but you can unlock them throughout the game, too. There are also power-u s that you can buy with your coins too, as well as lives.

All in all, Sheep Up! is a really fun game and it will get addictive. Sheep Up! is currently available for the Z30, Z10 and the BlackBerry PlayBook. It will cost you $0.99 and is well worth the price tag.

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