Have some fun, colorful gaming with Jelly Cats

I like games that I can just pick up and play. Sometimes I'll go for games that I can get myself immersed into or I'll go for a good puzzle game but for the most part, gaming on my BlackBerry device means something fun to play while travelling or when I want to kill some time. While browsing BlackBerry World I spotted Jelly Cats and since I love cats I thought I'd give it a download and check it out.

Jelly Cats takes a familiar type of game play where you match 3 or more cats of the same colour to clear them off the grid. Of course, the more cats you join together the more points you get. Same colour cats that are near diagonally count too. As you progress through the levels, things naturally become harder. Levels where there you have to clear a 'mudded' area or where you have to reach a certain score within a set amount of moves. There are also levels with lots of obstacles in the way preventing you from making longer links.

Jelly Cats Levels View  Jelly Cats Number Moves Level

Throughout game play you gain power-ups which can be used at each level. You have a finite number of these too, so use them wisely. There are power-ups like Super Jelly, where it wipes a whole row or column.

Jelly Cats Power-ups  Jelly Cats No Lives left

You are given 5 lives and every time you lose one it takes 30 minutes to restore. There is an in-app purchase that lets you buy more, if you wanted to. Or you can ask your BBM friends for lives, though they must have the game installed too. You also have to unlock different 'worlds' every 20 levels.

Apart from having to wait for lives to restore, it's a fun little time killer. Jelly Cats is available or all BlackBerry 10 devices and is free to download.

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