Alec Saunders, VP of Developer Relations at BlackBerry!

Get ready for a CrackBerry Podcast weeks in the making!

Shortly after the BlackBerry Z10 was officially released, we decided it would be awesome if we could get Alec Saunders, BlackBerry's awesome VP of Developer Relations, to join us on a CrackBerry podcast. We know the BlackBerry developer community and CrackBerry community have lots of questions around apps for BlackBerry 10, and nobody does a better job of answering them then Alec.

Alec is a busy guy, but this Friday he'll be ours for an hour. We'll definitely talk about the upcoming BlackBerry Live event in May, and from there? Well, the plan is to ask him a bunch of questions related to app development for BlackBerry 10.

We want to ask him the questions that matter most to all the current and would be BlackBerry 10 app developers out there. If you have a question you want us to ask, drop it in the comments to this post and we'll do our best to answer it (and no, Alec won't be answering questions about things like when Instagram is officially coming to BB10).

This won't be a live show, but we'll post it to the blogs as fast as we can after it's recorded. So ask your questions. And stay tuned... this will be a CrackBerry podcast you won't want to miss!