I'm fairly sure most folk have used IMDB at some point or another to find out about a movie or a particular actor/actress. Although the BlackBerry 10 browser does a great job there's also the native BlackBerry app to use thanks to S4BB.

Available currently for free from the BlackBerry Beta Zone, Search for IMDB gives you all the information right at your fingertips and in a form that us BlackBerry users are now accustomed to. And getting the results is actually faster than using the browser thanks to the search feature being integrated into BlackBerry 10 - just start typing what you are looking for and tap the Search for IMDB app icon - sweet!

To be clear, there's a version available in BlackBerry World right now for free but if you're looking to give the upcoming features a go, the the version in the Beta Zone is the one you'll want to install. The app will allow you to search for the following:

  • Movie titles
  • Actors
  • Directors
  • Celebs
  • Trailers

  • New for this release - Watch list, Easier sharing, Amazon integration (in case you want to buy the DVD / Blu ray)

You will need the BlackBerry Beta Zone app in order to download it, so be sure you grab that as well if you've not already installed it. Let us know how the latest Search for IMDB is working for you and of course, be sure to feedback for the developers so they can further improve the app.