BlackBerry Logo in BlackBerry Messenger!

This isn't actually a How To post. It's more of a I Want to Know How To Do This post. Check out the image above. It turns out in BlackBerry Messenger on OS4.6 on the BlackBerry Bold you can actually have the BlackBerry logo as a symbol, which, as you can see, makes for a pretty cool looking display name.

I stumbled onto it from one of my BBM contacts. But when I asked my friend how he did it, he didn't actually know. He got it by copying and pasting it from another contact who got it from another contact who got it from another contact who was somebody from RIM. I did the same and copied and pasted it into my BBM display name, but what I'd really like to know how to do is actually make it! What's the original shortcut? There must be one. Or not??

So if you know... post it in the comments! First to post the answer will get the satisifaction of being a CrackBerry Hero having helped BlackBerry Nation! Worst case, just keep an eye out on your contact's list... this BB logo is spreading like wild fire!