Haters Not Gonna Hate?! AWESOME

FINALLY. After two years of receiving nothing but PR pitches proclaiming the death of BlackBerry as we know it, today the tide turned and I just received a PR pitch that's positive on BlackBerry and the upcoming launch of BlackBerry 10...


By most accounts RIMs survival depends upon the success of the BlackBerry 10 (BB10). Twenty-year cell phone veteran Marc Leff, has been tracking the history and evolution of BlackBerry since its earliest days, and is available for comment on BB 10 trending news, consumer patterns, and the BB lifecycle.

As founder of GRC Recycling and SmartphoneTradeIn.com, Leff has bought back and resold millions of BB devices over the past decade, providing him with a unique expert perspective on the company. While BlackBerry has struggled as of late in the U.S., Leff sees the brand's strength holding up well overseas.

As the leading buyback and recycling company of BB devices, Leff resells most of his refurbished BB stock to 2nd hand markets in Latin America, Asia and Africa. Leff believes that a strong BB10 launch in the U.S. will recapture the company's glory around the world.

Like the iPhone5 release, consumers will be looking to offload their existing BB devices to trade up to BB10. 50 percent of SmartphoneTradeIn.com's current trade ins are BB's, and Leff expects that figure to increase significantly with the BB 10 release.

Leff's GRC Recycling pioneered the cell phone collection and recycling for charity concept 10 years ago, and has since recycled six million cell phones. Leff launched SmartphoneTradeIn.com earlier this year to tap into the growing smartphone trade in market, and offers consumers market leading pricing on BB trade ins. He has become a go-to source for over a decade who can talk about the history of popular models and which ones trade in heavily today.

Again, he is available to provide expert commentary about the history of BlackBerry's from a consumer and small businesses perspective, and he can lend commentary on what he thinks BB10 has to do in order to make features more appealing. Let me know if I can put you in touch with him, should you have anything in the works.


Jerry Schranz | Account Supervisor
B E C K E R M A N | Antenna Group
One University Plaza| Suite 507| Hackensack, NJ 07601

Ok. So it's not the most well-written or compelling pitch I've ever read, but it's definitely POSTIVE about BlackBerry and BlackBerry 10 which is GREAT to finally see come through my inbox again. As BlackBerry 10 approaches, we're definitely feeling the momentum build for BlackBerry once again. We're seeing it in our CrackBerry forums and community. We're seeing it in the share price. We're seeing it as demonstrated by a PR pitch like this. And most importantly, I'm starting to observe it from REAL people I talk to while out about.

Even this past weekend, I had to head out on the town Friday and Saturday evening (Christmas parties and stuff like that), and I was amazed by the BlackBerry positivity I was encountering. This past year most conversations I get into with people I don't see that have often have been a little awkward as they're thinking BlackBerry doom and gloom and they're talking to the CrackBerry guy. But this weekend was different. It wasn't even me bringing it up the subject - it was friends, friends of friends, my fiance's co-workers, etc. that were talking about BlackBerry and BlackBerry 10. There was genuine awareness and excitement for the Ten.

RIM's early efforts on the BB10 marketing front are clearly starting to pay off. Only 43 more sleeps to go.

Keep it up RIM. #BB10BELIEVE