I don't watch too much television outside of specific shows / sports I like to stay on top of, but Saturday night I had the tv on in the background while some friends were over visiting and I happened to catch the commercial above.

That was the first time I watched the commercial or ever heard about the GoJo. I almost spit out my beer laughing in disbelief. I thought it was a joke at first, and then realized this guy was being serious. Jumping onto the web, it looks like the GoJo has been available for a while now. Thank god I have yet to ever see a person ever use one. And hopefully I never will. Wow. 

Check out the video above -- it's good for a Monday laugh -- then be sure to sound off in the comments. Is this something you would ever consider using for real? I'm *hoping* not... I don't think I'll be bugging the e-commerce team to get this one in stock at ShopCrackBerry.com anytime soon...

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