Swarovski BlackBerry Bold 9900

It looks like Harrods may have another BlackBerry exclusive for customers with fat wallets. The UK retailer seems to be offering up a custom, limited edition white BlackBerry Bold 9900. While we don't have any details on exactly what makes the device itself so special, it does come in an awesomely stylish box and includes a sparkly Swarovski case. I suppose having a bedazzled Swarovski case is better than sticking crystals on the actual device, but you'd need to have pretty specific tastes to rock this bad boy. No word on the the exact availability or pricing of this package yet, but it looks like it should be available at Harrods new Technologly Floor. If you happen to stumble across one then let us know! Hit the link below for more images.

Limited Edition BlackBerry Bold 9900

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