Happy Thanksgiving!

To all our BlackBerry using and abusing friends in the United States... Happy Thanksgiving from CrackBerry.com!

Let's give thanks today for all the Good Things we have in Life... Family, Friends, Health... and let's not forget to also give thanks to our friends at Research In Motion for that precious gift of the BlackBerry. Not only has it changed the world, but it also gave us the reason to build this site and bring all of us BlackBerry users together in a happy CrackBerry family. :-)

So while you're out visiting your friends and family this holiday weekend, be sure to spread the word that the #1 BlackBerry site on the net just got a BIG site update this week and is looking pretty good! The site changeover has gone smooth for the most part, and the Canadian members of the crack team will continue working on our post-relaunch tweaks today and through the weekend. We've received a ton of overwhelmingly postiive feedback on CB's new look, as well as some very helpful feedback the past couple of days, which we're listening to closely and will continue fixing up any loose bugs and making further tweaks and improvements over the days ahead. As always, you'll want to keep it locked to CrackBerry.com. 

Enjoy your turkey..... Happy Thanksgiving!!

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