Thanksgiving BlackBerry 

To all the Canadian CrackBerrys in the house, Happy Thanksgiving! And for everybody in the USA, Happy Columbus Day!

Research In Motion, makers of our beloved BlackBerry, are a truly global organization these days. But at the core, their roots are Canadian and a massive amount of their talent resides in Canada. Waterloo, Ontario is the birthplace and headquarters of RIM. The QNX crew is in Toronto. You have a thousand more RIM peeps working out of RIM's Mississauga offices and the Torch Web browser team is based in Toronto. There are offices beyond that too spread throughout the country.

Team BlackBerry has been heads down working on The Ten these past several months. Hopefully most of the Canadian team slows down for today to enjoy it with friends and family. And while the RIM team gives thanks for everything they have, I'm going to give my thanks for BlackBerry. Thanks for the BlackBerrys we've had throughout the years... and thanks in advance for the BlackBerry devices yet to come... which will be the best BlackBerry phones and tablets yet!