January 30

In lieu of a Happy New Year post we decided to stick to our BlackBerry fanness and go with this instead. It seems like it's been forever since BlackBerry 10 (then BBX) was announced ... and then announced again. We've stayed strong and patient and finally made it however -- Q1 of 2013 is finally here and that means the BlackBerry 10 unveiling is only a few short weeks away. 

January will be a busy one for us as we keep ramping up to the launch. The launch event is scheduled for six cities across the globe, and rest assured we'll be at as many of them as we can. After that -- it's crazy wild full-steam ahead and all BlackBerry 10. We won't sleep until at least March most likely so we can bring the biggest, baddest BB10est content we possibly can.

So Happy New Year and Happy Q1 2013 from all of us here at CrackBerry! 2013 is the year of BlackBerry 10 so let's rock and roll this!!