BlackBerry Z10 getting properly used!

Bye bye annoying tie straps; Hello awesome BlackBerry Z10 demos!

In case you missed Part 1 of this real life story, go back and read it. The quick recap? I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into the Best Buy at 43rd and 5th in Manhattan on Monday night and was greeted by a prominent BlackBerry Z10 display. The happy tale quickly turned into a BlackBerry horror story of sorts when I realized the live working Z10 demo units were covered by an annoying tie strap. The tie strap wrapped around the middle of the Z10's display, making the phone unusable - not exactly the kind of first impression you want to make with people experiencing BlackBerry 10 for the first time.

After publishing my ranty editorial, I soon found out the back story on the annoying tie wraps. It turns out the tie wraps are only meant as a temporary security solution while the adhesive on the actual security gizmo that's attached to the unit sets (which requires 24 hours). The tie wraps are supposed to be removed. In this case, they were not.

I dropped by the same Best Buy last night -- less than 24 hours after writing up the first post -- and sure enough, the tie-down wraps were all removed and customers were able to pick up the BlackBerry Z10 and properly experience it. 

It's all good!


Let this tale serve as a friendly reminder for BlackBerry Z10 retailers around the world - get rid of the tie straps! I need those Z10s to be in tip top form!

And to members of CrackBerry Nation, if you ever come across a Z10 retail display where you feel the presentation is not as it should be... be sure to let somebody at the store know so they can fix it up. It may not be intentional. As was the case here, it was just an accidental oversight.

Lesson learned!