Handy Weather by Paragon Technologie GmbH

The folks over at Paragon Software Group let us know they just released their popular weather application Handy Weather for BlackBerry touchscreen devices. If you're not familiar with Handy Weather it provides up to the minute weather information (provided by Intellicast) at your fingertips without clicking through various menus to update views. It provides a 7-day temperature graph for over 40,000 cities worldwide, current conditions, and detailed daily conditions. Not to mention the animated graphics that are pleasing to the eye. Originally released for QWERTY devices this new version for touchscreen devices (including Storm/Storm 2, and Torch) includes the following features:

  • Attractive new design including two available theme colors -- blue and green
  • Detailed twenty-four hour forecasts with expanded views for night / morning / afternoon / evening
  • Quick views of weather forecasts directly from the calendar
  • Compare night and day temperature graphs in Chart Mode
  • Maps mode includes satellite surface views, temperature maps and atmospheric fronts
  • Customizable units setting allows temperature, wind speed, atmospheric pressure and distance conversions from metric to imperial/standard measures
  • Enable GPS to receive weather forecasts for more cities worldwide
  • Safely and efficiently purchase 3-month subscriptions via SMS

Handy Weather for BlackBerry Features:

  • 7-day weather forecast for over 40,000 cities worldwide
  • High/low temperature graph for quick weather checks
  • Detailed daily forecasts and current conditions
  • Complete weather details (temperature, wind, pressure, humidity, UV index, real feel temperature, etc.)
  • Automatic update allows setting up the frequency of weather forecast updates in a certain interval (2, 4, 8, 12, or 24 hours) or at predetermined time
  • Over-the-air program updates
  • Low traffic - 1.8 Kb per city forecast and with every downloaded city it is less 

Handy Weather for BlackBerry is available for most BlackBerry QWERTY devices running OS 4.2 and higher and Touchscreen devices running OS 4.7 and higher. There are two subscription options available: a one-year subscription for $17.99 and a three-month subscription for $7.99. A trial version is also available that provides weather forecasts for random cities. From now until Monday September 26, Handy Weather will be 50% off in BlackBerry App World. 

More information / purchase one-year subscription for touchscreen devices
More information / purchase three-month subscription for touchscreen devices
More information / purchase one-year subscription for QWERTY devices  

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