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I occasionally have trouble converting between imperial and metric. I can always remember inches to centimeters, but pounds to kg have me lost in the sea of numbers. Within your BlackBerry’s native calculator you have the option to convert the value to and from metric. They include simple measurement such as weight and length, temperatures and fuel efficiency. While this is sufficient enough for everyday and simple calculations, it won’t help you with all of your conversions.

This is where Handy Converter comes in.

This application from the minds at the Paragon Software Group is, as it names suggests, quite handy.  Have quick, easy to use access to up to date currency rates, velocity, and energy measurement and clothing sizes. These may not come up in you day to day life, but isn’t it assuring to know you have quick, organized and simplistic access to the information when you need it? How often have you found yourself across the border, or even the ocean, attempting to figure out if you’re getting the most for your money?

Let’s have a look through this app and, like I discovered, you’ll find yourself a few clicks away from a conversion conundrum cure.

Covering Currency and handling Horsepower

Now Handy Converter isn’t one of those applications that seem to over promise and under deliver. It gives you straight forward and easy to navigate information when you need it. It also helps that its light blue and soft atmosphere is very calming, it’s almost saying “Hey there, sit back and relax. Let me figure it out for you.”

Opening up the application gives you access to the following categories;

  • Currency
  • Size (in terms of clothing)
  • Temperature
  • Length
  • Weight
  • Area
  • Volume
  • Speed
  • Power (Kilowatts, Horsepower, etc)
  • Torque (Newton metres, Foot pounds)
Handy Converter
Currency Converter

You get the most bang for your buck with the Currency category. Handy Converter easily calculates any amount of money you input, to any of the 58 major currencies it uses. You can also see the exchange rates at the bottom of the screen. These rates are automatically brought to you by the Bank of Canada (Go Canada Go!) If you’re worried about the data used, be assured that the traffic will remain low, as it’s a mere 4.7kb per all exchange rates per download. The Currency calculator of this app is a definite traveling must.

For all of you fashion forward Users and Abusers out there, the Clothing category may be quite important as well. You can choose between clothes, shoes and shirts (isn’t that clothing too?) sizes from seven of the major international scales. You can also switch clothing types between men, women and children.

Handy Converter
now only if it could help me with my fashion sense

Reaching a value in each of these Categories is quite easy. As you input numbers for Handy Converter to crunch, the desired value is simultaneously calculated. This saves time and effort on your thumbs behalf. As this is a powerfully basic application, you won’t find yourself bogged down by menu after menu. Just select the type of Category you want to utilize, enter the appropriate information and you’re done. Because Handy Converter is so straight forward, there weren’t any bugs detected by this software sleuth.

Handy Converter
Converting Power

Handy Converter is available on any BlackBerry with an OS of 3.7 or higher, so if you’re still using Old Blue you can still enjoy this app (You’re my boy Blue!!)

Last Look

Handy Converter
HC About

Though it won’t calculate anti-derivatives and quadratic equations, Handy Converter promises AND delivers a solution to confusing conversions. The ever current Currency converter will help you make sure you aren’t being over charged will traveling abroad.  Whether is saves you time, money or the embarrassment of buying clothes that are too big or small, Handy Converter will definitely win you over, especially at the price of a mere $9.95.


  • Currency automatically updated
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Simple and powerful


  • None that I can think of