Some news for you frequent flyers in Saudi Arabia - Eurisko Mobility, a developer of innovative and powerful mobile applications in the Middle East, has launched announced the "Saudi Airports" application which may well come in handy as Saudi Arabia is the the biggest economy in the Middle East with a lot of travellers flying in and out.

Saudi Airports is an application that allows BlackBerry smartphone customers to track arrivals and departures at the main airports in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, search flights by flight numbers, follow flights and receive push notifications every time a flight status canges. At just USD 1.99, the application covers both King Abdulaziz International Airport (Jeddah) and King Khaled International Airport (Riyadh) as well as Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz International Airport (Medina) where more than 30 million passengers pass through every year.

Mr. Zack Morad, Managing Director at Eurisko Mobility, said: "We have had constant encouragement from the BlackBerry App World partner program to build applications that are relevant to the region and we feel Saudi  Airports enables BlackBerry customers in the Middle East to be more efficient and get things done. We will be regularly maintaining and further improving the application in order to provide an enhanced user experience."

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