It feels that it's been a long wait for Whatsapp to arrive for BlackBerry 10 - but now that it's in BlackBerry World I'm so stoked. I've been longing for this day since BlackBerry 10 launched as I'm afraid to say I still have friends using the iPhone and Android - I'm sure they will see sense soon!

Whatsapp is running like a dream for me. I did have some battery issues initially, which may have been due to the app, but luckily an update was pushed out pretty swiftly which I presume will address that  - I shall update my findings in the comments.

So, above you will see what the application looks like on BlackBerry 10. If you have been considering the move to BlackBerry but couldn't live without Whatsapp you now don't have to worry. For me, Whatsapp is the perfect way to communicate with my friends on other smartphone platforms.

If you have picked up the BlackBerry Z10 you NEED to download Whatsapp - It rocks!

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