We posted just the other day that Facebook for BlackBerry 10 had received a most welcome update to version 10.4 and with it brought four pretty sweet new additions. 

The ability to view your news feed either by 'Most Recent' or Top Stories' is by far the biggest new feature for me. I don't need to see what happened with a friend yesterday so I'm super happy that my Facebook timeline can now be in order of when things actually happened. 

I'll keep this post short and sweet, so if your not yet a Facebook user or you are new to BlackBerry 10 the above video should give you a few tips. 

What's new in v10.4?

  • Newsfeed Sorting – sort your newsfeed stories by ‘Most Recent’ or ‘Top Stories’.
  • Emoji Support (Emoticons) – use your favorite Emoticons (Smiley faces and others) in your conversations.
  • Screen Reader – photo tag support for photo carousel.
  • Adding Map view to Check-Ins – now see a map of the location you are checking in from.

Facebook will be preloaded on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone, but on the off chance you deleted it you can grab it from the following link:

Download Facebook for BlackBerry 10